About Outsider

Outsider is a project exploring the question 'what is Europe?' Based on various bike tours from Roscoff to Geneva, Rome to Athens and others planned this year in Ireland, Eastern Europe and the UK, the words and photographs on the site describe my travels. But in many ways Outsider is more than this. It is a journey towards greater understanding of Europe now, of its people and their circumstances as well as the political processes, which govern us.

Outsider came about after Brexit. I wanted to tell a different story of Europe than the one presented in the mainstream media. One based on the opinions and ideas of the people who live there. I was also interested in finding out more about the EU, both its advantages and disadvantages, so I was better informed about what it is we are abandoning. Most of all, given the recent rise of populism and the hardening of divisions, I wanted to explore and write about common experience across Europe, to emphasise our shared humanity. 

In my photography I do this by capturing the interaction between the subject, the camera and myself at the moment of our meeting. I mostly use a Canon EF SLR and the same 28mm lens as film suits the immediacy of my portraiture. 

About Hannah White

I'm a researcher and writer, and have a PhD in social policy from the University of Bristol. I also write about housing. I live with my family in London.

I'm an enthusiastic amateur cyclist.