About Outsider

Outsider is a project exploring the question 'what is Europe?' 

The blog documents my travels but in many ways it is more than this. It is a journey towards greater understanding of Europe, told through the words and views of the people who live there.

Outsider came about after Brexit. I wanted to tell a different story than the one presented in the UK media. I also wanted to know more about the EU. Most of all, given the hardening of divisions, I wanted to explore and write about common experience across Europe, to emphasise our shared humanity. 

In my photography I do this by capturing the interaction between the subject, the camera and myself at the moment of our meeting. I mostly use a Canon EF SLR as film suits the immediacy of my portraiture. 

About Hannah White

I am a writer and researcher. I started the blog in 2017. I have a PhD from the University of Bristol and a social policy background with over 15 years experience campaigning against, and writing about inequality, racism, and the migrant experience. I have two children.

I am a keen amateur cyclist.